About Us

Hello! I am a full time student running an online store for fun. 


Some products may be on pre-order, meaning that the product will not ship out right away due to the order still being processed. The pre-order period lasts for about one week, and after that pre-order stock becomes limited. This means that you can still order after the initial pre-order period, but be warned that the only stock available for them is extras that have been ordered. 

Some products may be on pre-order, meaning 

Pre-orders can take from 2 to 6 weeks (sometimes even more) depending on the situation with the manufactures. If you have a pre-order item in your cart, the order will not ship until the pre-order item has arrived to us. If you’d like to have the in-stock items shipped first, please make two separate orders. 


Located in Southern California! Shipping may be a little slow sometimes because I am a full-time college student and mainly pack alone. 

Estimate Time to Ship
Pre-order stickers may take from 2 weeks to 4 weeks to ship depending on how busy the suppliers are currently. Products like air fresheners may take up to more than 4 weeks to ship out depending on when the suppliers will ship them out. Sometimes it takes less than 2 weeks.
In-stock items should ship out in no more than a week. (Currently due to COVID-19, I have been shipping out orders once or twice every week to avoid going to the post office too often.) 
If you ordered an in-stock item during a pre-order period, and it hasn’t shipped out in a week please send us an e-mail or message on Instagram because there’s a very high chance that the order was mistaken as a pre-order order. 

Basic domestic shipping starts off at $0.60.

Basic international shipping starts off at $1.20.
Some items may have a higher shipping cost due to how it’s shipped and packed (for example, air fresheners are shipped out with butterfly stamps which cost a little more than forever stamps.) I try to keep shipping as cheap as possible!
Tracking is available for both domestic and international orders and is kept at a flat rate. Some items may be restricted to only domestic shipping, due to the high price of international shipping.

Changing Address
If you need a change of address, contact us ASAP and address will be updated. Also remember to double check your address at check-out! 


If your order has not arrived in the time span of a month (around 2-3 months for International), please let us know! Contact us with your order number, and a reconfirmation of your address. I will send out your order again as soon as possible.

If anything went wrong with your order or you have some concerns about our pre-orders, please contact our e-mail tigershrimpofficial@gmail.com or message us on Instagram. If we do not contact you back within a day or two, the e-mail/message may of been missed. Please re-send your message or try to contact us through a different media. I try to reply back to e-mails within a few hours, but it may take me a few days depending on the circumstance.