About Us

The idea of Thirsty Tigers was created by two dorks in October 2017, and then finally opened up in January 2018! Our approach towards Thirsty Tigers was to create vinyl stickers of our favorite animes, video games, and our two favorite mascots, Haidore and Mizuko! Eventually, we want to spread out more towards t-shirts, art prints, charms, buttons, and more!

We run on pre-orders, meaning that some stickers will be up on the store for a week before orders have been placed for them. Anything that is a pre-order will have the pre-order tag/mention it in the description. Orders may take 2-4 weeks to receive (3-5+ weeks for international).

Our basic domestic shipping starts off at $0.60 and will add $0.15 for every sticker added. Tracking is available to only domestic orders.
International shipping starts off at $1.20 and will add $0.15 for every sticker added.

If anything went wrong with your order or you have some concerns about our pre-orders, please contact our e-mail tigershrimpofficial@gmail.com or message us on Instagram/Facebook. If we do not contact you back within a day or two, we might of not seen your message or e-mail and you may want to resend the message or try getting in contact with us through the other options.
(Fun fact: Tigershrimp was suppose to be our original shop name and we were going to have a Shrimp and Tiger mascot, scraped designs can be found here)